About us

Welcome to EA – Extension Architecture

Extension Architecture is a dynamic, forward thinking architectural company based in Battersea London, made up of a team of in-house creative architects, interior designers and experienced planning consultants. Our competitive edge is our extensive planning knowledge and our ability to find solutions for the impossible. We thrive on the more challenging planning projects. With over 400 applications under our belt, we have built strong relationships with many planning officers in central and greater London and Surrey councils. Our objective is to offer creative planning strategies and for our designs, we achieve the wow factor for every project, however large or small.


Our Team



Youno Kim



He has had extensive experience in HMOs, and has a good command of planning intricacies in this sector.

His strength is his full grasp of Government and Local Planning Policies and understanding of the minimum requirements stipulated.
Also his negotiation skills in dealing with many of the London Boroughs are another strong tool. He is a successful entrepreneur with creative and forward-looking vision, always bringing something new and refreshing to the table. With a training at Central St Martins, his passion for design is evident in his work. Younou makes each project his own, ensuring that he always achieves the ‘wow’ effect, every time. 

He works with all domestic and international projects from concept to delivery, working closely with the project team to ensure the design process and technical delivery to achieve a successful and unique experience.



GianCarlo Braido

Senior Architect


Giancarlo is a senior experienced qualified and registered Architect in Italy and UK. 

He has many years of experience in the quality and scale of different projects. He can go through all project stages, from drawing coordination to construction drawing.



Nader Kawadri

Senior Architect/ Manager


Nader is a senior architect with over 20 years in the architecture and construction industry. He worked on offices, retail, leisure, residential and healthcare projects, with different JCT contracts. He has worked with clients from around the globe from UAE, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon and UK. He has extensive experience in dealing with planning officers and district surveyors for projects, from digging out basements to refurbishments of large and complex listed buildings in various boroughs.

Extension Architecture-Dao Tran-boyd.Planning consultant


Dao Tran-boyd

Planning consultant


Dao brings a first class professional pedigree to Extension Architecture. With her vast experience in many industries, from banking to trading commodities futures, to property investments, Dao is the ideal person to deal with all our clients.

Her key strength is her interpersonal skills. She has the ability to truly understand and extract all the necessary information from our clients and decipher their exact requirements, even in cases where the clients are unsure of what they want. 

She brings enormous energy and enthusiasm to her work and her focus is to ensure that our planning experts and creative design and architects all work together to deliver the result that our clients expect.

Extension Architecture-Priyanka Mohilte. architectural designer


Priyanka Mohite

Architectural Designer


Priyanka is experienced in planning and building regulations drawings across the UK. She will be able to guide you through the whole journey

She enjoys designing and finding unique solutions. She loves creating 3D visuals which can show the full potential of project.





Nadir Kayikci

Contract Administrator


Nadir studied different aspect of Architecture such as Landscape Architecture, Art & Design course and Architecture (BSC) at Anglia Ruskin University in Turkey and United Kingdom. He aspires to complete all the stages of architectural education to reach full qualification of Architect.

He enjoys to learn to enrich his projects and to provide best customer service ensuring continuous communication with his clients throughout. The communication is aided by his fluent 3D visualization skill that help the clients understand the design ideas and visualise the architectural qualities of the design proposal.

He carried out projects in all stages ranging from design, planning and construction. He guides his clients to reach the completion of their projects as a Contract Administrator (CA) and ensuring the success by liaison with the contractors.


Extension Architecture-Juan Vela. architectural designer


Juan Vela

Architectural Designer


Juan is a qualified architect in Seville, Spain. His professional experience has been developed within the field of architecture and design.

He is very creative and hard working. He loves new challenges regardless of scale!




Extension Architecture-Andrea Casati. architectural designer


Andrea Casati

Architectural Designer


Andrea has studied Architecture in Italy at the Politecnico of Milan.

As an interior design enthusiast he has a great eye for detail and huge passion for 3D visualization.He is an eager team player which really helps move projects into production and completion.!


work profile pic


Dominique James

Architectural Designer


Dominique studied Architecture (BA) at the University of Kent.She aspires to be a fully qualified architect and is keen to expand her knowledge of the skills and processes used in design.

She enjoys undertaking challenges such as internal reconfiguration to maximise space.She is a creative individual with a passion for 3D visualisation and modern technologies.

Extension Architecture-Rachel Chanju Kim. Web designer


Rachel Kim

Media Designer


Rachel designs our marketing concept and web contents. She produces designs quickly while maintaining high quality and strong brand identity. She is very keen to find out better solusion for our design process and internal system. She knows how to use her energy to motivate and inspire team. Life is full of Adventure & Challenge!






Claire Alonge

Media Strategist


Claire has a graphics and media background to Masters Degree Level. She studied Graphic Design at Glasgow School of Art, then moved to London and worked in Design for Print for 13 years. She completed her Masters Degree at The University of the Arts, London in 2011.She is a creative, vibrant and dynamic team player, who is passionate about improving our web presence and making sure our client communication is strong.


Ludovica Rocca

Architectural Designer


Ludovica is a talented and young Architectural Designer. She has studied Interior Design in Italy at Istituto Europeo di Design – Milan. She is ambitious, hard-working and really passionate about what she does. She aspires to learn all about interiors and luxury environments. Her work included extension housing projects, in 2d and 3d, interior design and FF&E preparation.


Nadina Narain

Architectural Designer


Nadina is a recent graduate of Architecture (BA) from the University of Manchester. She enjoys learning new skills and taking on challenging projects. Her interests lie in 3D design and creating environments for user interactivity.
She is working towards studying for her Masters, in order to achieve her goal of becoming a qualified architect.


Kaishi Yamaguchi

Graphic Designer


Kaishi is a graphic designer with experience in company branding, logo design and web front end development, mobile website design, web management to online and offline marketing material design.





Saher Murtaza

Assistant Planning Consultant


Vibrant and full of enthusiasm, Saher is the perfect person to assist the planning consultants and deal with the many clients we look after. Her energy and outgoing manner never fails to bring confidence, leaving our clients assured with the quality of our service.


Arsh Khan

Project Manager


Arsh has construction and project management experience spanning over 13 years. Arsh has seen and heard it all. His motivation is to help people and especially projects in less privileged countries. He is passionate about the world of finance and how that can be used to promote fairness. His addition to the team is invaluable.



What we do

With our outstanding success rate, we can cover nearly all of your planning needs. Our consultants and design team create timely, practical and highly successful planning proposals to help you devise drawings for all types of planning applications, permitted developments and building regulations. Whether you would like to develop a plot of land, extension of your property, loft conversion or converting your loft area in a habitable space, home alterations or just wanting expert advice to maximise your property’s value by comprehending its potential; at Extension Architecture, we can make your dreams a reality. how do we do this?  

By creating a functional, aesthetic, practical and cost engineered plans to suit your budget. We are conscious that time is of the essence, especially with building work concerned and with planning application consent usually taking around 8-12 weeks with your local authority. Upon appointment, we endeavour to conduct a survey within 3-5 working days and the turnaround time for drawings we generally set at 2 weeks but dependent on our work time schedule we can sometimes aim for under that. Having worked in planning sector for a number of years, we have built relationships with many tradesmen and contractors. Therefore, when you have planning to approve and would like advice on construction works do get in contact for further details and a quotation for this phase.


 What we offer

  • Planning Application Drawing
  • Building Regulation Drawings
  • Measured Site Survey
  • Project Management
  • Architectural/Interior Design