How We Work

  • 1. Quote

    See our pricing guide or call us to get a quote for your building plans

  • 2. Measure

    Measure the floor plan of your house and sketch it out with dimensions

  • 3. Snap Sketch

    Take a picture of your sketch with your smartphone or scan it into your computer

  • 4. Snap House

    Photograph your house using your smartphone, camera or tablet computer

  • 5. Upload Files

    Upload or email your files to us and tell us a bit about the project

  • 6. Get Drawings

    Wait approximately 7 days, we will draft your drawings and start work on your final plans!

Once your building plans are ready, you will be asked for your final payment. If you want, we will submit the plans to your Local Authority at no extra charge!


About EA-Extension Architecture

We are based in Battersea and Worcester Park. Leading Commercial and Residential Planning Consultants with an experienced team of: town planners, surveyors, planning consultants, architectural designers and structural engineers, all working together to help you obtain planning permission. If you have any queries regarding your planning activity please feel free to contact us on 0203 409 4215 or via email through Our advisers are always ready to help your matter straightaway.

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EA London office
Battersea Office 3 River Reach, Gartons Way,
London, SW11 3SX

EA Surrey office
1-3 Fairman Law House, Park Terrace,
Worcester Park, KT4 7JZ

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